Strategic Share Holder of Athena Ltd

In April 2010, Ishine invested in ASX listed Australian resource company Athena Resources Limited for 12.7% equity of Athena to take a strategic position in the rapid growing resource region of Mid West Western Australia. Athena’s main projects are located in the Byro area of Mid West where Athena owns minerals rights over 2,800km land that are highly prospective for iron ore and base metals such as copper and nickel.

The Byro Iron Ore Project is strategically located approximately 100km west of the proposed Midwest Iron Ore Railway which is planned to link existing and future iron ore projects in the Mid West Region to the proposed Oakajee deep water bulk shipping port north of Geraldton (Figure 19). Both the railway and the port are proposed to be built in 2014. Athena’s maiden drilling carried out in August 2010 revealed consistent presence of high grade magnetite iron ore in many locations of the Byro project area.

兴盛国际于2010年4月向在澳大利亚上市公司阿西娜资源股份有限公司进行了战略性投资,成为持有阿西娜公 司12.7%股份的大股东。这一投资确定了兴盛国际在西澳州矿产资源工业迅猛发展的中西部地区长足发展的的战略 地位。阿西娜公司在该地区的拜罗(Byro)领域拥有2800多平方公里领地的矿产资源权。该矿产权区具有高度的勘 探铁矿和铜、镍等基础金属的前景。

该拜罗铁矿石项目地理位置优越,位于计划中的西澳州中西部铁路线以西约100公里处。计划中的该铁路线将 连接西澳州中西部地区现有的、未来的铁矿石项目和计划中的位于杰拉尔顿(Geraldton)北边的欧凯旗(Oakajee) 深水港口。铁路线及港口都计划于2014年建成。


These results show that the Byro iron ore project has huge potential for a premium magnetite product with super low detrimental impurities of aluminium, phosphorous and sulphur.


Byro East Base Metal

Surface rock chip sampling was carried out along the prospective eastern contact in the Byro East ultramafic intrusion with a number of anomalous copper results, the best of which was 25.5% Cu from a siliceous gossan. Further encouraging copper assays from rock chip samples along the eastern contact zone were subsequently collected with best results of 7.49% Cu and 3.28% Cu. Ten additional rock chip samples collected from outcrops along the eastern contact of the Byro East ultramafic intrusion have extended the area of known copper mineralisation for over 1.8 kilometres. From the compilation of historic drilling, previous intercepts along the eastern contact from the two holes drilled in the early 1970's by Jododex include:

  • 67 metres at 0.63% copper from 0 metres including 16.75 metres at 1.17% copper from 30.5 metres in hole PD2,
  • 3 metres at 1.35% copper from 6 metres in hole PD23

Athena is now planning intensive drilling programs to unveil the prospective big mineral targets.

在拜罗项目区东部超基性岩侵入区的交接带的地表进行的取样显示了一系列的铜异常结果,其中最好的品位 是含铜25.5%。在东部交接带的进一步取样显示了令人鼓舞铜品位,最好结果沿包括7.49%和3.28%铜品位。在东部 交接带的露头所采集的10个额外样品将铜矿化带延长了1.8公里。 根据历史钻探资料汇编,姣朵德克斯公司(Jododex)在上世纪70年代沿东部交接带钻的两个钻孔穿过的矿化 区包括:

  • 67米含铜0.63%,其中16.75米含铜1.17% (钻孔号PD2),
  • 3米含铜1.35%(钻孔号PD23)