Ishine International Resources Limited ("Ishine" or "The Company") was founded in September 2009 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on the 18th December 2009. The Company is based in Perth, Western Australia and has established a series of exploration projects for base metal (copper, nickel, lead, zinc etc), iron, manganese, gold and uranium in Australia.

Ishine has three advanced joint venture projects for up to 70% mineral rights, the Falcon Bridge nickel project north of Laverton in Western Australia and copper-gold mineralisation at its farm in projects in Mt Watson and Boomarra, both in north west Queensland. Exploration work has been progressing well in all three projects in 2012. Geophysical survey and drilling have been undertaken in a well scheduled manner with encouraging results achieved so far and further drilling is scheduled to take place soon.

Over the period of one year since it was funded, the Company has been aggressively acquiring quality exploration tenements in Western Australia and South Australia and Queensland with a total of 31 exploration applications lodged and secured in WA and SA before the end of September 2012 for a total land area of 10984km2. The target exploration minerals have extended to Iron Ore, Gold, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Manganese, Uranium, Cobalt and Mineral Sands, etc. The establishment of this carefully chosen project pipeline has paved a way for the Company"s long term growth.

The Board and the senior management team are also continuing to evaluate other mineral projects that have the potential to contribute to company growth through joint venture, "farm-in" or acquisition arrangements. In realising its goal of fast tracking potential iron production projects and finding prominent base metal project in the Mid West region of WA, the Company acquired 12.7% of the total share on issue from another ASX listed mineral resources firm, Athena Resources Limited ("Athena") whose Byro projects have high quality iron ore deposits and promising base metal deposits. Ishine also has an opportunity of increasing its Athena share holding up to 20% to become Athena's biggest share holder.

兴盛国际资源有限公司(简称"Ishine" 兴盛国际"或"本公司")成立于2009年9月, 于2009年12月18日在澳大 利亚证券交易所挂牌上市. 公司总部设于西澳大利亚州的首府珀斯. 从成立至今, 已经在澳大利亚建立起了一系列的勘探基础金属(铜,镍,铅,锌等),铁,锰,黄金和铀等矿种的探矿项目.

兴盛国际在西澳大利亚州及澳大利亚的昆士兰州拥有两个成熟的处于详查阶段的合作勘探项目. 这两个项目 分别是在西澳大利亚州Laverton("拉弗顿")镇北部的Falcon Bridge("猎鹰桥")镍矿项目,在昆士兰州西北部的Mt Watson("沃森山")铜-金项目和Boomarra("布玛啦")铜-金项目. 这三个项目在2010年的探矿工作进展良好,都已经按照预定的计划进行了物探和钻探工作,迄今为止已经取得了令人鼓舞的勘探成果,并即将展开进一步的钻探工作.

自公司成立后一年内,兴盛国际一直积极地在西澳州和南澳洲寻求高质量的探矿权. 截止到2012年9月底, 已经在西澳州和南澳州成功申请登记矿权31个,已经申请到的有22个,累计矿权面积达10984平方公里. 目标勘探矿物品种已扩大至铁矿,黄金,铜,镍,铅,锌,锰,铀,钴,矿砂等. 这些精心选择的项目为兴盛国际的长远发展铺平了道路.

公司董事会和高管团队始终坚持努力评估可以通过合资,合作等方式发展公司的其它矿产项目. 为了早日在 西澳中西部地区获得铁矿生产项目和优质的基础金属项目,兴盛国际收购了另一家澳大利亚上市公司Athena("阿西娜")矿产资源股份有限公司的总股份的12.7%. 阿西娜公司在西澳中西部地区的Byro("拜罗")项目具有优质的铁矿体,同时具有广阔的基础金属矿体的前景. 兴盛国际还具有将其持股比例增加到20%,成为阿西娜的最大股东的选择权