Advance Exploration Projects

Falcon Bridge Nickel Joint Venture Project – WA

The Falcon Bridge Nickel Project in mid west WA is a joint venture with Strategic Energy Resources Ltd (ASX Code: SER) with Ishine earning up to a 70% interest through exploration expenditure. The project is situated 90km north of Laverton within the Duketon Greenstone Belt which is part of the Norseman – Wiluna Greenstone Sequence in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton Western Australia. This highly prospective ground is host to a sequence of mafic and ultramafic lithologies adjacent to a granite dome.

The greenstone lithologies within this project are largely obscured by Quaternary colluvium and as a result very little historic exploration has been carried out. Aeromagnetic images over the project show prominent north-rending magnetic highs. These represent the presence of ultramafic lithologies, which thicken in the north-west corner of exploration tenement. The magnetic anomaly in this location has been named the ‘Toro Grande’ anomaly.

Historically this magnetic feature has been tested by two rounds of drilling across a single east-west traverse along northing 6915500 (MGA94 zone51). The first round was drilled during 2001 and included 17 RAB holes, although many of these failed to penetrate to significant depth. A second round of 7 aircore drill holes was drilled during 2003. This program was more successful at penetrating the transported lacustrine clays and lateritic cap-rock and confirmed that the ultramafic rock was indeed present and significantly thick in this location.

猎鹰桥镍矿项目是兴盛国际与澳大利亚上市公司Strategic Energy Resources Ltd(简称“SER”)合作的位于西澳州中西部地区的镍矿勘探项目.通过出资勘探, 兴盛国际可以拥有该项目70%的股份.该项目位于Laverton以北90公里, 处于Duketon绿岩带, 属于西澳大利亚州的Norseman – Wiluna太古代绿岩序列伊尔干克拉通(Yilgarn Craton).该探矿区域毗邻花岗岩圆顶, 具有一系列的基性和超基性岩体, 探矿前景广阔.

本项目勘探范围内的绿岩主要由第四纪冲积层掩盖, 因此在过去对这一区域的勘探进行的非常少.对该项目 的航磁图像突出显示了朝北的磁异常高峰区, 表示了超基性岩的存在.同时超基性岩在该探矿区的西北角变厚.在 这个位置的磁异常已被先前的勘查工作者命吊为“Toro Grande”异常.

在早先的勘查工作中, 该磁异常区域已经通过单一的东西向布置的钻孔在南部坐标6915500的位置做过两轮钻 探测试.第一轮是在2001年进行的17个RAB孔(Rotary Air Blast, 一种小型的冲击钻孔), 其中许多未能钻透到足够深度.第二轮是在2003年打的7个AirCore钻孔(一种大型的冲击钻孔), 穿透了第四纪冲积层和红土覆盖层, 确认该超基性岩体的存在, 取得了成功.

Advance in Exploration

In 2010, Ishine has further advanced exploration at the Falcon Bridge Project. After thorough technical review and study early in 2010, the company has completed a Moving Loop TEM survey across the magnetic anomaly which generated significantly conductive results shown in Figure 1. This was followed up with a round of Aircore drilling testing the ultramafic unit and its contacts for favorable geochemistry and generated some significantly anomalous nickel results warranting further drill testing.

2010年,兴盛国际进一步推进了在猎鹰桥镍矿项目的勘探工作。经过2010年初对该项目的深入的技术审查和 研究,本公司对磁异常区域进行了移动循环电磁测量。这一测量结果发现了如图1所示的显著的导电体的存在。随 着这一发现,开展了新一轮的AirCore钻探,对超基性岩体及其与邻近岩体的交接带进行了测试,发现了明显的镍异 常,目前正在计划下一轮的钻探。

Geophysical Test – MLTEM

During March-April 2010 Ishine commissioned Southern Geoscience Consultants Pty Ltd and Outer Rim Exploration Services Pty Ltd to carry out a Moving Loop TEM survey over the Toro-Grand Magnetic Anomaly. The data from the 9.6 line km surveyed defined conductors in both shallow and deeper bedrock positions which appear to be concordantly west-dipping with the stratigraphy and in close proximity to the basal contact position of the ultramafic unit.

Preliminary Drilling Results

Following the MLTEM survey, during June Ishine drilled a total of 73 Aircore holes for 3,459m across six east-west traverses show in Figure 2. The drill traverses were designed to extend across the ultramafic unit and into the footwall/hangingwall lithologies bounding it to the east and west. Traverses were approximately 1km in length given the considerable thickness of the host unit. Along the drill traverses collars were typically spaced on 100m centers, however a number of infill holes were also drilled as part of the program to give more detailed definition of mineralization in the contact zones.

Preliminary results have been received and are very encouraging. Some of the nickel and copper anomalous intersections include:

继移动循环电磁测量后,本公司在2010年6月间对异常区域的6条横穿东西向的钻探线上的73个点进行了 AirCore钻探,73个钻孔的累积长度3459米。设计的钻探线长度约1000米,横跨了超基性岩体,并延伸至东西边界的 上下盘岩体。钻孔线上的钻孔间距约100米,因为超基性岩体厚度的变化,加进了部分补充钻孔以便获得关于与超 基性岩体相接触的交接带岩体的矿化详情.

已经收到的初步结果非常令人鼓舞,部分镍矿化及铜矿化异常包括: 23m @ 0.41% Ni and 262ppm Cu from 51m in drill hole FBAC004 23米含镍0.41%和含铜262ppm 33m @ 0.58% Ni and 125ppm Cu from 30m in drill hole FBAC017 33米含镍0.58%和含铜125ppm 39m @ 0.41% Ni and 170ppm Cu from 36m in drill hole FBAC058 29米含镍0.41%和含铜170ppm 3m @ 0.55% Ni and 280ppm Cu from 36m in drill hole FBAC041 3米含镍0.55%和含铜280ppm

This preliminary drilling has confirmed the ultramafic host rock is present and up to 800m true thickness at its broadest point, although this is probably due to structural thickening from folding. Numerous holes recorded elevated nickel values, several of which were also associated with anomalous copper, increasing the likelihood of being a derivative of a sulphidic source. Aircore drill hole intersections with greater than 0.4% Ni are tabulated below.

初步钻探证实了超基性岩的存在,同时确定了其真实厚度可达800米,虽然这可能是由于折叠结构增厚所 致。钻探结果显示了许多较高的镍品位,其中部分几个钻孔还有铜异常。从而使衍生成硫化矿物的可能性大大增 高。AirCore钻探所穿透的含镍大于0.4%的矿石样品化验结果列于下表。

Hole ID Easting Northing RL Dip Azimuth Depth From To Interval Nickel % Cu (ppm)
FBAC004 443000 6914300 500 -60 90 74 51 74 23 0.41% 262
FBAC005 442900 6914300 500 -60 90 44 27 39 12 0.44% 109
FBAC012 442500 6914600 500 -90 0 46 27 42 15 0.43% 39
FBAC016 442900 6914600 500 -60 90 53 33 53 20 0.57% 26
FBAC017 443000 6914600 500 -60 90 63 30 63 33 0.58% 125
FBAC023 442600 6914844 500 -90 0 63 54 57 3 0.41% 14
FBAC033 442600 6915200 500 -60 90 57 45 51 6 0.40% 23
FBAC041 443300 6915700 500 -60 90 64 36 39 3 0.55% 280
FBAC042 443200 6915700 500 -60 90 42 30 42 12 0.44% 58
FBAC048 442600 6915700 500 -90 0 38 33 36 6 0.51% 30

Boomarra Project in QLD (ISH earning up to 70%)

The Boomarra Copper-Gold Project is a Joint Venture with Kabiri Resources Pty Ltd with Ishine earning up to 70% by exploring this project area.

The Boomarra Project is located in QLD within the Carpentaria Basin overlying Proterozoic rocks correlated with the Eastern Succession of the Mount Isa Inlier. EPM15723 covers an area of 119.8km² and is located approximately 110km north of Cloncurry. The lease covers approximately 35 km of the NNE trending Melinda Downs Fault, along which occur five “bullseye” magnetic anomalies shown in Figure 3. The magnetic anomalies are interpreted to reflect the presence of extensive hydrothermal ironoxide- and sulphide-bearing alteration zones within Proterozoic basement rocks adjacent to a fault zone developed along the western margin of the Naraku Batholith. The geological setting of the project suggests it is prospective for IOCG style mineral deposits.

In 1999 BHP drilled a single vertical diamond core hole at the southern end of the Charlie magnetic anomaly as shown in the Figure 3 below. This drill hole, which was collared approximately 600m south of the gravity survey traverse at Charlie, was completed to a depth of 618m. Anomalous copper values of 625ppm Cu and 552ppm Cu were recorded from 598-603m and from 563-568m, respectively.

Ishine's evaluation of the legacy data suggests that the BHP drill hole was collared approximately 1km to the south of the peak of the Charlie magnetic anomaly, and may therefore have failed to intersect any mineralization associated the source of the anomaly.

Boomarra(布玛啦)项目是兴盛国际与澳大利亚Kabiri(凯必日)合作的铜金矿勘探项目。通过出资勘探,兴 盛国际可以拥有该项目70%的股份。

Boomarra项目位于昆士兰州的Carpentaria盆地,盆地的冲积地层覆盖了与Mt Isa地层的东部系列相关联的元古 代岩体。矿权EPM15723占地面积119.8平方公里,地处Cloncurry镇以北约110公里。该探矿权区域覆盖了大约35公里 的北北东倾斜的Melinda Downs(梅林达)断层。沿梅林达断层有五个类似“靶心”的磁异常区。这些磁异常反映了广 泛的由于地热引起的在毗邻断裂带的元古带基岩内含铁氧化物及硫化物蚀变带的存在。该项目的地质背景显示,它 具有含有IOCG矿床的前景。

1999年必和必拓在Charlie(查理)磁异常区的南端钻了一个垂直岩芯钻孔。这一钻孔布置在查理重力测量横 穿线以南约600米处,钻孔深度618米。钻探结果显示,在钻孔598-603米及563-568米的深度范围分别有625ppm和 552ppm的铜异常。

兴盛国际的评估认为,必和必拓的钻孔布置在Charlie磁异常高峰以南约1000米处,并可能因此无法穿透到与 异常来源相关的任何矿化区。

Geophysical Test – Gravity Survey

During the June quarter in 2010, Daishsat were commissioned to carry out a ground gravity survey across the Boomarra Project. The survey was conducted on the basis of nominal 200m by 200m station spacing over the core magnetic targets (and adjoining areas to cover dipoles), with 200m by 400m spacing elsewhere. A total 1,555 stations are conducted to give information on a major magnetic anomaly. The gravity survey results are graphically presented in Figure 4, which shows that one of the magnetic anomalies is accompanied by a coincident residual gravity high. The Company is now in the process of reviewing the result and planning for a new round of drilling program.

在2010年第二季度,Daishsat受兴盛国际的委托对Boomarra项目进行了地面重力测试。这项测试工作对该项目 的核心磁性异常目标区域按照200米的网格布置测站,对项目内的其它区域按200米乘400米的网格布置测站。共布置 了1555重力测试站。测试结果如图4所示,其中一个主要磁异常区域还伴随着残余重力异常。目前,兴盛国际正在审 核测试结果,并计划新一轮的钻探工作。

Scheduled Drilling Program Early 2011

Ishine has planned to drill a series of deep diamond holes in the three gravity anomalies illustrated in Figure 4 in 2011 to delineate the potential IOCG style big copper/gold mineral deposits.

兴盛国际已计划在2011年在图4所显示的重力异常区域钻一系列的深岩芯钻孔以揭示潜在的IOCC类型的大型的 铜/金矿床。

Mt Watson Project in QLD (ISH earning up to 70%)

The Mount Watson Project is another Joint Venture with Kabiri Resources with Ishine earning up to a 70% interest by exploring this project area.

The Mount Watson Joint Venture in Queensland occurs on the Western Succession of the Mt Isa Inlier and is considered broadly prospective for copper, being adjacent to the nearby Mt Watson Copper Mine, recently operated by Matrix Metals Ltd. The Mount Watson tenements include EPM15933 and EPM15986 and are situated 115km NNW of Mt Isa. When in operation the Mt Watson Mine produced 8.08 million tonnes at an average grade of 0.9%. There are a number of other significant historic copper mines and prospects within the area of the Mt Watson tenements. These include the Hidden Treasure copper deposit with oxide mineral resources of 300,000 tonnes at an average grade of 1.3% Cu; as well as several other exploration prospects at Mt Earl, Tewinga, Mt Wonder, Anomaly P ranging from early stage to advanced.

沃森山项目是兴盛国际与Kabiri(凯必日)合作的另一个铜矿勘探项目,兴盛国际通过出资勘探以获得该项目 70%的股份。

沃森山的合作项目位于昆士兰州Mt Isa地层的西部系列,毗邻由Matrix Metals股份有限公司经营的沃森山铜 矿,普遍认为具有良好的勘探铜的前景。兴盛国际的沃森山矿权包括EPM15933和EPM15986,位于Mt Isa北北西115 公里处。沃森山铜矿曾经采出了808万吨品位为0.9%的铜矿石。在沃森山矿的矿权范围内有一系列在过去开采过的铜 矿,包括已经发现了30万吨含铜1.3%的Hidden Treasure 铜矿体以及其它处于早期到详细勘察阶段的铜矿项目,比如 伯爵山(Mt Earl)、天文噶(Tewinga)、旺山(Mt Wonder)及P异常区(Anomaly P)。